Center EX

Resource Library

Do you need a place to store resources for staff members and allow the staff to grow that library over time? Do you need a way to allow clients and attendees to securely download targeted documents, without all the problems of email attachments? The Center EX Resource Library does all that, with tracking and an easy to use permission system. The Resource Library can be a powerful tool for organizing your internal information as well as improving your counseling programs.

  • Internal library section for staff documents
  • Public documents visible to all web site visitors 
  • Customer documents for clients only 
  • Easy permission system
  • Auditing to see who downloaded what and when 
  • Tracks referrals to other sites 
  • Resources can be internal and external web pages, documents, videos, presentations, spreadsheets, podcasts, etc. 
  • Automatic document recommendations based on client information such as business status and geography
  • Resources can be published as RSS feeds, for the public to subscribe to, and for other web sites to use for displaying the resources on their site
  • Web Documents in the library can be edited online with the built-in rich HTML editor
  • Your entire public web site can be driven from the Center EX Resource Library... 
  • Alternately, Center EX can work side by side with your existing web site, while presenting visitors with a seamless experience
Updated 1/12/2015 2:32:09 PM | Chris Willis