Center EX

Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard enhances counseling by presenting a single integrated picture of the counseling relationship. Clients manage their contact and business information, upcoming events, upcoming counseling appointments, surveys, personal document library, and counseling history via an intuitive and secure web interface.

Using the dashboard, clients and attendees can:

  • Review workshop details for events they have registered for
  • Pay event fees
  • See upcoming appointments with counselors
  • See upcoming events at their centers
  • Access online e-learning coursework
  • Take surveys they have been invited to
  • Download counselor-assigned library documents
  • Access automatic resource library document recommendations
  • See a history or counselors they have contacted and events they have attended
  • Review and edit their contact information
  • Change their business status, such as employee counts, annual sales, etc., which results in impact sessions
Updated 2/5/2015 2:05:18 PM | Chris Willis