Center EX

Surveys and Assessments

Discover your clients' needs and market your programs more efficiently.  Online Surveys and Assessments provide a powerful communication channel for gathering client data in an easy to analyze format.  Event satisfaction surveys are just one part of this flexible surveying system. You can create surveys to evaluate client satisfaction, or survey just about any other metric you can think of. Special sections can be included in the surveys to track client specific data such as address and impact, which directly updates the client information in Center IC.  Survey templates easily specialize for individual events or other cases like targeted satisfaction surveys.  Scored surveys and custom actions work together to automatically guide visitors to the proper resources or staff, based on their survey responses.

  • Surveys are shown within your website which helps with branding and prevents visitor confusion
  • Build your own surveys with customizable check-boxes, grids, pick-lists, etc
  • Utilizes special survey sections that allow clients to update their address, business status, categories, loans, contracts, and other impact, all while taking a survey
  • Surveys and assessments can be scored and can take different actions based on those scores - effective for client intake to route clients to either training, counselors, or other resources
  • Surveys can be taken online by clients, or entered by staff from paper forms


  • Surveys can now be automated! Set them up once and let them run on auto-pilot
  • Surveys utilize all the powers of our new bulk messaging and reporting systems


Updated 2/5/2015 1:25:56 PM | Chris Willis